• Formal jacket or blazer to be worn at all times
  • Smart trousers
  • Long or short sleeved shirt
  • Jumper
  • Tie
  • Black, Brown or navy shoes or boots

  • Formal jacket or blazer to be worn at all times
  • Tailored skirt or dress knee length or trousers
  • Long or short sleeved shirt/top
  • Jumper
  • Black, Brown or navy shoes or boots

The following items are not acceptable:

  • Sweatshirt or hoodie style tops
  • Items of clothing with large logos
  • Mini skirts
  • Leggings or shorts of any description
  • Strappy tops or cropped tops
  • Blue denim

  • Canvas style shoes
  • Trainers of any type
  • Ugg-type, slouchy boots or Doc Martin style boots
  • Visible facial/body piercings or tattoos
  • Hats, inside the building

Headphones may not be worn when travelling around the school.

Sixth Form Uniform Dress Code–Additional Stipulations


The only items that may be worn under a blazer/jacket are a shirt, jumper and tie. Coats / Hoodies  / sweatshirts may not be worn underblazers / jackets, either in school or going to and from it.

Boy's Belts

Blackor brown, with plain buckle only.


No extreme changes of styles such as shaven sections or whole head; No spiky styles; Mohicans; obvious dyeing and unnatural colours. Hair wear should be discreet. Long hair should be tied back off the face.


The school discourages the use of make-up but if used it should be barely perceptible. Nail varnish is only permitted if colourless.


No visible jewellery except where students wish to wear one plain set of earrings in each ear. No bracelets or hand jewellery. No visible facial jewellery or facial piercings of any kind to be worn in school.

General Appearance

The aim of the above is to focus on being dressed for learning and work. Consequently, the emphasis is on being clean, smart and tidy. Trousers must be worn appropriately on the waist; shirts must be tucked into trousers or skirts and ties worn correctly