Mathematical Studies

Course aims

What is Mathematical Studies?
AQA Mathematical Studies, also known as Core Maths, is a course for those students who want to keep up their valuable maths skills but are not planning to take A Level Mathematics.
How is it taught and examined? 
Mathematical Studies is a one-year course, taught in five lessons per fortnight, leading to a Level 3 qualification (similar to an AS Level), with Grades A to E. We teach the AQA 2A specification. Assessment for this course is through two 90-minute  examinations in the May of Year 12.
Why study Mathematical Studies?
There are many valuable reasons to take Mathematical Studies, such as:
  • You learn financial skills useful for adult life (i.e. income tax payments, reading payslips etc)
  • You consolidate the maths skills required for other A-Level subjects (including the Sciences, Geography, Business Studies, Economics & Psychology)
  • It helps you to hit the ground running on university courses requiring mathematical insight
  • It is looked on favourably by many universities, with some giving lower offers for students who have done well in Mathematical Studies
  • It's interesting!

“Mathematical Studies has really aided my Geography A-Level as well as giving me important life-skills. I think because of this, I found the personal finance aspect of the course most interesting as I could really see the future value. The Mathematical Studies course also covers topics including analysis of data, estimation, critical analysis, and normal distribution; all of which provide a great mathematical grounding for a broad spectrum of subjects. Lots of universities also really see the value in people studying for a maths qualification post sixteen – with some even lowering grade requirements – making Maths Studies additionally worthwhile.”
Vienna – Mathematical Studies Student

Entry requirements

Students require at least Grade 4 in Mathematics at GCSE to study this course.

Students studying the following A-Level courses are also required to study Mathematical Studies if they have a grade 4 or higher at GCSE Mathematics and are not also studying A-Level Maths – Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Business, Economics and Psychology.

Summer Work

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