Course aims

This course will enable students to:
  • Understand psychological theories and methods used to collect data
  • Explore topics which reflect contemporary issues
  • Explore different areas of psychology, including cognitive, social and physiological psychology
  • Replicate key studies/experiments in psychology
  • Interpret data and evaluate findings
  • Gain awareness of the ethical issues in psychology, particularly in the field of research
  • Enhance their critical thinking

Entry requirements

Students will need sound literacy and numeracy skills. Mathematics will be applied at the level needed to fully support scientific knowledge, understanding and problem solving. Enjoying debates would be an advantage as examinations require considering a range of explanations for behaviour. Students will need to be highly motivated to tackle a new and challenging subject. 5 x 5’s at GCSE and a 6 in Science is preferred.
In addition to studying Psychology A Level you will be required to undertake Mathematical Studies to support the data analysis element of the course – an essential assessed skill.

Summer Work

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